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Second season coming to Wikia 2014

It's been nearly two years since I finished the first adventures of my first Pretty Cure team, Pretty Cure Heavy Metal. I've got several episodes posted on a wiki I created on Wikia as a new home for my Curefics, and I hope to have the rest of them on that wiki next year. Then I'll start work on this long-anticipated second season, Pretty Cure Heavy Metal World Tour. I'm aiming to have the first episode of the new season ready by 2014. As Sakura Cobain will say in World Tour, you'll know our music when you hear it!

Episode 52: "Meteor Smash"

Here's episode 52, the season 1 finale!

This is Pretty Cure! I Will Not Give Up!Collapse )

No foreign words today.

Well, that's it for the Heavy Metal girls for now. I'm going to concentrate on my next series, Pretty Cure Hollywood Stars, for now. However, as soon as I can, I'll start work on part 2 of the Heavy Metal girls' adventure: Pretty Cure Heavy Metal World Tour.

Special thanks to:
Cure Shabon
pretty konjiki

And to all of you who supported me as I was writing this first season of my first series: Domo arigatou!

Episode 1 of Pretty Cure Hollywood Stars will premiere next Friday. Stay tuned, because we're coming live and loaded!

Episode 51: "The Duel of Destiny"

Here's episode 51!

Is This the End? Pretty Cure's Final BattleCollapse )

No foreign words today.

My sister's being confirmed tonight, so I can't see I Am Number Four until tomorrow. Oh, and in case you haven't heard, I finally got my DVD of Kampfer: The Complete Collection. Also, I've got my sights set on a VHS of The Streetfighter from MGM/CBS Home Video. Hopefully that'll go well...

Episode 52 (the season 1 finale for PCHM) premieres between February 25 and 27. Stay tuned, because we're coming live and loaded!

Episode 50: "Shocker Part 2"

Here's episode 50!

Ultimatum! Kuroimetaru's Last Stand Part 2Collapse )

No foreign words today.

Well... this is it. The big one. The sh*t-stopper. The constipation of 3D concert films. A bowel blockage from which nothing of any value could possibly be removed. What is said to be one of the worst concert films of all time. I am of course talking about the indescribable terror that is Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. I'm only seeing it because it's a 3D movie.

And seeing that it's one of the worst concert films of all time, special precautions have been made by the employees of the Pinnacle to prevent me from killing myself. For example... all sharp objects have been removed from the premises... they took away my tie (if I even had one in the first place) so that I don't hang myself... oh, and they padded the sharp edges of my glasses so that I don't jab them down the sides of my throat.

BTW I'm a Metallica fan, NOT a Justin Bieber fan; otherwise, why would the Pinnacle staff take such anti-suicide precautions?

That said, episode 51 premieres between February 18 and 20. Stay tuned, because we're coming live and loaded!

Episode 49: "Shocker Part 1"

Here's episode 49!

Ultimatum! Kuroimetaru's Last Stand Part 1Collapse )

The following foreign word appears in this episode:

Just a single Japanese wordCollapse )

The correct cassette of The Anderson Tapes came in the mail early this week. However, a different clamshell was used, as the original clamshell apparently got FUBAR'd (f***ed up beyond all repair, for those who don't know), though the artwork was completely intact. No labels, though, so I put the tape in, hoping it was the right one. And it was! Lucky me!

Also, I saw a couple of movies since my last post: Gulliver's Travels and The Green Hornet. The former was simply in 3D, whereas the latter was in IMAX 3D. Speaking of which, today I'm going to see Sanctum in IMAX 3D.

Episode 50 (the second part of this edge-of-your-seat battle) premieres between February 11 and 13. Stay tuned, because we're coming live and loaded!

Episode 48: "Fantasy Rock Land"

Here's episode 48!

The Royal Ball! Pretty Cure's Great VisitCollapse )

No foreign words today.

Well, it finally happened. My MagSafe L-shaped charger managed to go bork on me completely. I just came back from getting it replaced. Since the cause (the cord coming out of the L shape) would be labelled "accidental damage", I was lucky to have it replaced for free. That's why, from now on, I intend on getting the new one replaced at the first sign of danger instead of waiting until it completely dies on me. I learned a new technique from the pros to make sure my new MagSafe L-shaped charger doesn't die like the last one did.

Also, my VHS of The Anderson Tapes finally came in the mail... and it was a dud. A new tape is expected by February, and this time, I checked with each potential seller of the 1979 tape to make sure theirs wasn't a later issue such as the 1988 Goodtimes LP-mode version (which was the dud tape hidden in the 1979 clamshell). After this, I've instituted a new policy. From now on, I'm going to ask each potential seller of any tape about the label on the tape before I make any purchases. This measure was put in place to avoid a repeat of Andersongate.

That said, episode 49 premieres between February 4 and 6. Stay tuned, because we're coming live and loaded!

Episode 47: "A Great Performance"

Here's episode 47!

Pretty Cure in Action! Save the Ballet!Collapse )

No foreign words today.

Unfortunately, Best Buy doesn't carry Kampfer at this time. However, I managed to get the local FYE to request it. I don't know if that'll succeed, though I think it might.

Oh, and I'm expecting another tape in the mail: The Anderson Tapes, a caper film starring Sean Connery as a conman who tries to rob all six apartments in one building but doesn't know his every move is being watched. Even crazier, none of the watchmen know of each other's activities, setting the stage for one hell of a confrontation.

Last night I was one of the first ever to see Gantz. The premiere took place in Hollywood, and I was at West Town Stadium 9 to view the film, which was being transmitted live from Hollywood. Once again, the power of Japanese cinema compelled me.

Episode 48 premieres between January 28 and 30. Stay tuned, because we're coming live and loaded!

Episode 46: "Venezuelan Democracy"

Here's episode 46!

The Day the Pigs Flew! PNF's Newest Studio AlbumCollapse )

The following foreign words appear in this episode:

Three simple words, all JapaneseCollapse )

The identity of PNF's new member was deliberately left ambiguous (and will always remain a mystery) by hinting at a baseball club among the clubs at Oriyama High. Speaking of which, another Oriyama High club will be mentioned (and one member featured) in the next episode.

BTW Shugo is trying to keep me in line by causally threatening another one of my characters if I make said character spill the beans as to the identity. Of course, I know she doesn't know not even I know which of the girls on the club joined PNF.

Also, Kampfer is finally coming to these United States this Tuesday. I plan on getting my hands on a copy as soon as I can.

Episode 47 premieres between January 21 and 23. Stay tuned, because we're coming live and loaded!

Episode 45: "Kino's Manhunt"

Here's episode 45 (the hyped vendetta episode)!

Shugo's Vendetta! Kuroimetaru is My QuarryCollapse )

The following foreign words appear in this episode (all are in Japanese unless otherwise noted):

Another 1:2 Japanese-to-Spanish ratioCollapse )

In movie news, Jackass 3 is being released on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy this March, with an anaglyph 3D version on DVD. That's about all I know about it. I don't know if the stand-alone DVD will be in 3D as well.

Episode 46 premieres between January 14 and 16. Stay tuned, because we're coming live and loaded!


Due to an upcoming wisdom teeth surgery, episode 45 (Shugo's vendetta episode) will be posted this Thursday. Stay tuned, because we're coming live and loaded!